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Carl D. Perkins
Carl D. Perkins Legislaton
Community Colleges Five Year Plans, 2008-13
Consolidated Annual Report, 2010-11
Core Indicators (Current and Historical Data)
Expected Levels of Performance, 2009-10 Through 2012-13
Expected Levels of Performance, 2013-14 and 2014-15
Dean's Guide
Employment Statistics
Local Improvement Plan Assistance Guide (Includes Instructions)
Michigan State Plan
New Program Approval Application, 2016-17
On-Site Template Document
Self Study Evaluation Summary Report, 2015-16
Split Time Document Template
State Perkins Accountability Congress
ACS Data Books and Tables
ACS Manual
Manual for Financial Reporting
Data & Reports
Awards Conferred at Michigan Community Colleges
Data Tables
Search for Awards
Demographic Enrollment Profile
Enrollments at Michigan Community Colleges
Data Tables
Search for Enrollments
Programs at Michigan Community Colleges
Tuition & Fees at Michigan Community Colleges
Conference and Workshop Information
Event Registration
At-Risk Program Summaries
Appropriations Legislation
Best Practices
Certifications and Assessments
Certifications and Assessments by Year
Certifications and Assessments by CIP Code
Full Report of Certifications and Assessments
Applicaton to Recognize Assessement (Technical Skill Attainment)
Possible Assessments for 1P1: Technical Skill Attainment
CIP Codes
O'NET - Occupations and Instructional Programs by Pathway and Cluster
CIP Code Search
Classification of Instructional Programs, 2010
Dean's Guide
Definition for High Skill, High Demand, and High Wage Occupations
Dictionary of Community College Terminology
Directory of Michigan Public Higher Education Institutions, 2013
Directory of Michigan Community Colleges, 2013
Developmental Education Studies
First Developmental Education Survey,September 1989
First Developmental Education Survey Executive Summary and Results, January 1989
Second Developmental Education Survey Executive Summary and Results, May 1990
Third Developmental Education Survey Executive Summary, October 1977
Third Developmental Education Survey Final Report, October 1977
Fourth Developmental Education Survey Final Report, May 1999
Impact Papers
Links of Interest
Electronic Publications
Higher Education
Institutional Research
State-Wide Organizations/Committees
Student Affairs
Technology in Higher Education
Non-Traditional Programs
Programs That Are Non-Traditional for Men
Programs That Are Non-Traditional for Women
North American Indian Tuition Waivers
Programs of Study
PROE Documentation and Instrument (Handbook)
Report Taxonomy
STARR 2012 Powerpoint Presentation
Story Book
Contact Center
Community College Services Staff
Data Coordinators and Data Contacts
Discussion Lists
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Center
Michigan Community Colleges
Professional Assocations
Presidents and Occupational Contacts
Special Populations Contacts