Michigan Community College NETwork

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Michigan Community College Data Evaluation Committee (MCCDEC)

Each year the State Plan allocates funds to assist the community colleges in improving their capacity to collect data. Prime examples are support for a statewide coordinator and MCCDEC. Established in 1978 as a steering committee, membership has included occupational deans, deans of student services, registrars, presidents, data processing personnel, institutional researchers, and deans of instruction as well as special populations coordinators. MCCDEC's major purpose is to provide technical assistance to Michigan community colleges in data collection, data reporting, and evaluation procedures.

The focus of MCCDEC over the past several years has been to:

  • provide input into developing the definition and requirements for a Program of Study,
  • determine how to utilize the outcomes from State Assessment for program improvement,
  • interpret and implement the guidelines for Local Evaluation,
  • develop a listing of recognized third-party exams to fulfill the Perkin's Assessment Requirement,
  • clarify terms and definitions in order to ensure consistency and reliability of data,
  • establish and develop guidelines and definitions for Perkins Accountability and Special Populations federal reporting requirements,
  • sponsor a State-wide data workshop for Community College Data Coordinators,
  • work with other state agencies on The Career Education Consumer Report, and
  • promote web technology in data collection and dessimination efforts.