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College Contacts: Kalamazoo Valley Community College

CategoryReportContact PersonPhone/Fax/Email
 Enrollment Data by ACS Instructional Subactivity [ACS 6]Stephen Cannell
 Expenditure Data [ACS 3]Carol Mallinson
(P) 616.372.5427
 Physical Plant Expenditures & Activity Measures [ACS 7]Carol Mallinson
(P) 616.372.5427
 Tuition, Taxable Value, and Millage [ACS 5]Carol Mallinson
(P) 616.372.5427
 Awards Conferred (Completions)Stephen Cannell
 Graduation Rate SurveyStephen Cannell
 Graduation Rates of Occupational Students [2P1]Stephen Cannell
 Unduplicated Count of Students Having Received at Least One Award [4P2 derived]Stephen Cannell
 Employees by Assigned Positions [IPEDS]Stephen Cannell
 Fall StaffStephen Cannell
 IRS 1099MISC - Miscellaneous IncomeCarol Mallinsont
 IRS 941 - Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax ReturnCarol Mallinson
 IRS FICA and Federal WithholdingCarol Mallinson
 IRS W2 - Wage and Tax StatementCarol Mallinson
 Michigan Public Schools Retirement System [MPSRS] Retirement ReportSandy Bohnet
VP for Human Resources
(P) 269.488.4409
 Michigan State WithholdingCarol Mallinson
 National Compensation SurveySandy Bohnet
 Perkins Professional Development (Fast Track)James Taylor
 Wage Detail Report (UIA 1017)Carol Mallinson
 At-Risk Student Success Program - Summary ReportGail Fredericks
Director, Learning Technologies
(P) 269-488-4308
 Core Indicator Ethnicity and Gender Data Stephen Cannell
 Fall EnrollmentStephen Cannell
 Fall ResidencyStephen Cannell
 Michigan Adult Part-time SurveyStephen Cannell
 Non-Program EnrollmentStephen Cannell
 Year-End Program Enrollment [4P1 derived]Stephen Cannell
 A-133 Audit ReportCarol Mallinson
 Department of Management and Budget Performance MeasuresStephen Cannell
 Economic Development (EDJT) Job Training Audit ReportJames DeHaven
VP for Econ. & Bus. Develop.
(P) 269.353.1280
 Finance [IPEDS]Carol Mallinson
(P) 616.372.5427
 FISAP - Campus-Based Fiscal Operations Report and Application to ParticipateRoger Miller
 Fiscal Operations ReportCarol Mallinson
 Grants Final Expenditure Report Overview [DS-4044]Carol Mallinson
 Grants Project Expenditure Report/ Request for Funds [DS-4492A] Carol Mallinson
 IRS 1098T - Tuition Payment SummaryCarol Mallinson
 Michigan Annual ReportCarol Mallinson
 Michigan Campus-Based Year-End ReportCarol Mallinson
 Michigan Sales TaxCarol Mallinson
 Perkins Application for Community College Local LeadershipMr. James W. Taylor
Dean of Health & Sciences
(P) (269) 488-4208 (P)
 Salaries [IPEDS] Stephen Cannell
 Workers' Compensation AuditCarol Mallinson
Institutional Information   
 Accelerated Entrepreneurship CurriculumStephen Cannell
 Application for License to Solicit DonationsCarol Mallinson
 Campus SecurityStephen Cannell
 Career Education Consumer Report (CECR)Stephen Cannell
 Collaboration with 4-year SchoolsStephen Cannell
 Evaluation Schedule for State Approved Occupational ProgramsStephen Cannell
 Institutional CharacteristicsNo Data Contact
 Institutional Snapshot (NCA Survey--now The Higher Learning Commission)Stephen Cannell
 North American Indian Tuition Waiver DataRoger Miller
(P) 269-488-4111
 Partnerships for Employment ReportsStephen Cannell
 Perkins (HE4058A) Approved Postsecondary Occupational Education EquipmentMr. James W. Taylor
Dean of Health & Sciences
(P) (269) 488-4208 (P)
 Perkins New Program Approval ApplicationMr. James W. Taylor
Dean of Health & Sciences
(P) (269) 488-4208 (P)
 Perkins Program Review of Occupational Education (PROE) - Summary Report for Self-Study Evaluation of Occupational ProgramsMr. James W. Taylor
Dean of Health & Sciences
(P) (269) 488-4208 (P)
 Student Right to Know [SRK]Stephen Cannell
 Survey of Government Employment - School SystemsStephen Cannell
 Taxonomy Review by Colleges Selected for ACS AuditStephen Cannell
 Tuition and Fees
 Employment Retention (Not Education) - Perkins Core Indicator 3P2Stephen Cannell
 Occupational Specialty Courses GPA [1P2]Stephen Cannell
Perkins Application   
 Perkins Local Annual Application and Four-Year PlanMr. James W. Taylor
Dean of Health & Sciences
(P) (269) 488-4219 (P)
Perkins Data   
 Academic Courses GPA [1P1]Stephen Cannell
Program Information   
 Follow-Up by Program [3P1 derived]Stephen Cannell
 Performance of K-12s (title varies)Stephen Cannell
 Program InventoryStephen Cannell